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Yoni Herb Detox Steams

Yoni Herb Detox Steams

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🧖🏾‍♀️ Treat yourself and create a space for blissful relaxation, detoxing and healing with our Organic Yoni Steaming Herb blend. Ladies I’m bringing back the Yoni Love Collection with a lot more amazing products you will all be able to use and love for you and your Yoni.

Vaginal steaming is an old age remedy that has been tested and approved by generations.It’s so empowering to be able to self care, relax, and heal yourself naturally with herbs from the earth! 


Reducing menstrual symptoms, bloating, cramps, and heavy bleeding, Decreases heavy menstrual flow, Regulation of irregular or absent menstrual cycles, heals and tones the reproductive system after birth, Eases discomfort, Promotes healing after birth and c section recovery, heals hemorrhoids, Helps to restore bacterial and PH balance to aid in prevention of infections, bacterial vaginosis and odors, Relieves symptoms of menopause, Helps tighten the yoni, Detoxes the Yoni, body and mind.

How many steams are suggested for you?

  • 1-3 Steams
    • Looseness, Dryness
  • 3-4 Steams
    • Tubal Blockage
    • Yeast Infections
    • Vaginal Odor
    • Bacterial Vaginosis
    • Urinary Tract Infections
    • Heavy or Irregular Cycles
  • 5-6 Steams
    • Cysts, PCOS
  • 7-8 Steams
    • Endometriosis
    • Fibroids


  1. In a medium covered pot, pour 6 cups of water depending on how many herbs you’re using
  2. Place one handful of fresh herb(s) into the water.
  3. Bring water to a boil for 5 minutes.
  4. Turn of the heat, leave the lid on, and steep for another 5 minutes with the lid on.
  5. It is very important to test the temperature of the steam before using it. If it is too hot wait 15 seconds and test it again until it feels comfortably warm to steam with.
  6. Pour into a bowl you have placed in your clean toilet or steam seat.
  7. Make sure it is not too hot.
  8. Remove your underwear and sit on the seat above the steaming water.
  9. Drape a large blanket or sheet around your waist down to the floor making sure no steam escapes.
  10. You should feel a warm, rolling heat for about 10-12 minutes.
  11. When the steam dies down dump the water into the toilet.

Steams are suggested at least 3x a month.

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Best feeling

I needed this, it helped with my menstrual cramps, just one bag and I used it four times, it also made me feel so relaxed and clean, it definitely helps with vaginal odor.