Feminine Hygiene and Healthy Vagina

Here’s  a few tips for you ladies. Some women may struggle with understanding their bodies and vagina. It had been proven that some adult women don't have the knowledge about the vagina and was not taught as a child. I'm here to give you some beneficial tips and things you should know and start doing.

  • Always see your gynecologist at least once or twice a year
  • A healthy vagina is between the level of 3.5 to 4.5 on a PH scale, it is pretty acidic but It’s like that so it’s able to get rid of bacteria that aren’t good for our body

  • If your PH balance is of you can experience things like yeast infections, UTI’s, bacterial vaginosis, vaginal odor((on your period and the aftermath is understandable) and also make you more accessible for STD’s and STI if you are sexually active.

  • You can take Pro- B biotics, use yoni pearls, yoni steam, or boric acid suppositories. They help to re balance the PH, helps get the body back on track

  • Eat lots of yogurt specifically Greek yogurt

  • Eat lots of fresh fruits ( I personally recommend cranberry, lemon water, pineapples, grapefruits)

  • Eat vegetables and foods like kale, sweet potatoes , flaxseed, garlic, avocado, almonds, banana, edamame.

  • Avoid a lot of caffeine teas and coffee, also carbonated beverages. You can consume those things but try drinking less and not drinking it often

  • Discharge is normal, but if the discharge is different than usual, smells worse than normal and color difference please see your gynecologist ASAP

  • If you are someone who ‘s vagina is dry during sex please use some sort of lube to help moisturize. I personally recommend a natural moisturizer like our Yoni Goddess Oil. During sex or not it is safe to always just moisturize the vagina with Yoni Goddess Oil, there are no side effects and its 100% natural. Having sex without any lube and the vagina is dry is causing the internal vaginal area to get irritated and causes tears that can open the vagina up to infections.


  • Always use fresh, non-fragrance, wipes to wipe your vagina and butt

  • When wiping make sure you wipe clean enough to get rid of the urine and discharge

  • When wiping, wipe the front first and then with a different/new wipe you would wipe your butt never use the same wipe for both areas.

  • DO NOT DOUCHE, and always read and research the ingredients that you use on the vagina

  • Wash the vagina with a PH balanced soap/wash


  • Always make sure you use the best pads, liners and tampons best for you, make sure they have enough absorbency. To much absorbency will cause you to dry out because you have open skin.


  • Green tea helps push out odor

  • Before putting on underwear make sure the vagina is not wet or the underwear isn’t wet or dirty

  • Don’t wear panties that are too small for you

  • Always wear cotton and breathable underwear/ panties

  • Vaginal Hair can cause you to have a lot of odor. You don’t have to fully shave bald but you can trim the hairs down

  • Learn the direction that your pubic hair grows so when shaving to do no pull hair and cause irritation and bumps

  • Always wash with warm water the area to allow pores to open and to loosen up the hairs before shaving

  • After wetting the are damp well and follow up wit either shaving cream, conditioner or even an oil or vaginal soap/ wash then shave

  • Never shave on dry skin. This will allow ingrown hairs, bumps, boils, itching, even cutting of the skin.

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  • Jewelé

    Great tips about keeping your yoni happy. I’m so happy that you dived right in. Some people are so closed minded to the beauty and power of a vagina.

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